Saturday, December 21, 2013

Hometown Christmas Part II

I feel like Jakob's senior year is passing us by and I am not getting time to sit back and enjoy most of it. I realized I left part of our Hometown Christmas out- the weeks of preparing. I could not have pulled the event off without my children and husband. Zekaryah and MeKenzei helped me with decorating.
It was a big chore to set up all the trees, garland and lights. I know they were not very pleased to have no one else show up to help but I am so thankful for their loving spirits and their hard work!
My husband came a few hours later after having to work that morning/afternoon. He helped get the lights plugged in and the webbing put out on the shrubs.
He also planted the Christmas tree in the ground, the sky looked amazing as we wrapped up a full day of decorating. I am so blessed to have a family that supports my efforts. It means alot to me to be part of a small community that loves the Lord and celebrates the birth of Christ. 
I forgot to mention our full day of searching for Christmas trees! I was blessed to have two friends each donate a new tree to our event and then the volunteer parents of the high school all contributed so that I could purchase a few more. I requested the historical society purchase a new one for the depot and dr wares office since they were getting rather old, so in total we had 7 new trees this year! 
We had to stop and grab a bite to eat, I know its not how he wanted to spend a day off from school but it was nice time together and I appreciated his help. We ate at a Willies Icehouse that his dad helped manage before he was born, it was a good way to connect and talk about memories we both had.

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