Saturday, December 21, 2013

Baylor Invitation to Excellence Dinner

Jakob was invited to a dinner of Excellence. It was a nice night Friday before Thanksgiving although it was super cold so we had to stop at a Walmart on the way into Waco to purchase ourselves Jackets. I am so thankful we did that! We rented a hotel outside of town and made the best of  the weather and our very pressing schedule for the weekend.
Since Jakob can be rather picky and I think we were both super nervous we stopped at Dennys that evening after the dinner so we could grab some food. I am glad we did this because the next day the students did their thing and the parents did their own, I was bummed to not be able to spend the day touring the campus with him, but did learn alot at the various lectures I attended. I have really enjoyed getting to know this campus. The professor that we sat with that night wrote him a message letting him know that she enjoyed sitting with him and would be praying for his decision on the path the Lord had prepared for him. He has also received an invitation to apply to the Honors college there and a Christmas card. They do a great job at making sure we are attended to during the process. I love that friendly personalized attention.

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