Monday, April 1, 2013

Twin Graduation Quilt

Graduation Quilt order I finished over the weekend. Its twin size and holds 20 Tshirts with 6 appliques
This square has an iron on patch that I put on after the quilt was made. She found it after I already had the quilt together so I added it today. I am surprised at how easy it was...always a good idea for future quilts I do for the kiddos. I get sew on patches at events or museums just to remember the field trip, camping trip etc when I see they are available.
This is the first quilt where I was able to take a pocket from the front of a shirt and stitch it in such a way that the pocket still opens. I have put pockets in memory quilts before but never appliqued them like this, it turned out really cute.
This corner is a jersey tank top that I appliqued onto a Tshirt back from another shirt and then also an applique from the front of a Tshirt that was made. I really wanted the patch from the tank top on the quilt too so I cut it out from the front and appliqued it as well.
This is another area where I took the front name and number of a shirt and appliqued it on the back so that she had that special part of the shirt too.
This shows the other jersey tank and patch and also the cotton fabric backing- which is the same fabric as the front. The customer opted for the cotton  back instead of flannel. It also has a pretty cotton red binding, since the colors were blue and red.

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