Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter 2013

We started our day by smoking a pork roast and writing clues for a Easter Egg hunt and three individualized Scavenger Hunts. We started the scavenger hunts a few years ago when the kids became teens just to add something special to Easter. They love it. They get about 8 clues to their specific items and it is typically something rather practical.
This year the Egg hunt itself was for things we don't typically buy such as fruit snacks, popcorn, poptarts etc. They seemed to enjoy that as well
I love this photo of the three kids this year. Our daughter is really having a hard time lately knowing that her time with her big brother is limited since next year is her senior year.. I can tell as we take each of these photos..
I love this photo too, our dogs are always wanting to be in the center of everything, as well as this little girl.
The weather in Texas is always unpredictable. Here is the Hail Storm we had in the middle of the day. It delayed the boys scavenger hunts a little.
 His clues ended in his fort and he got a hand axe and a airsoft gun.
She got art pencils, an art book to show her how to draw some things and then a new sketch pad. She is super excited to see that their are some how to draw wolf pictures.
His last clue was that he needed to practice more in this.. I am desperate for him to have his license but he never has time to drive. He is so busy with his academics. We plan to start remodeling his room, even though he only has one more year of High School so we bought a ceiling fan. It will be a good addition to things.

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