Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Walk it Off Wednesday

I am trying very hard to exercise, eat right and be fit. I have decided after reading a post from a fellow blogger, Misty, at CEOOFME that I would start trying to write about my adventure once a week. Thus, I am starting Walk it Off Wednesdays.

I have been using MyFitnessPal.Com for the past few months. I have done really good the last 30 days logging everything and trying to make better decisions. I will say it really makes me think about that Sonic Drink, the can of coke, the snacks I eat. It also makes me realize that I need to exercise daily. 

At first I didn't realize that I needed to eat a little more if I am exercising and that was why I was not pulling the last few pounds off. I didn't get that I needed to replenish the calories I am burning. However, that being said I need to make smart choices. 

So it will be a long journey, one that I hope will just be a life change. I really want to be healthy so that I am here for a very long time to enjoy the lives of my children, grandchildren etc.  

This weeks challenge - carb dinners. My children need the carbs for track/cross country. I on the other hand don't. I am trying to come up with some healthy alternatives to what they eat. For example not having the tortilla when they have a burrito, that cost me 210 calories for dinner Monday night. 


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