Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Tackle it Tuesday

Sometimes in life we have to make hard decisions. Mekenzei has had Stout for a very long time and it seems that he just will not let the chickens be. He had killed two of her favorite birds. It was time to make a decision, and hers was to let him go. This was them saying goodbye. I had tears in my did she. Monday night she cried herself to sleep, which took a very long time.
This is one of the hens from the little chickens she got. I could not believe she was given 2 sets of these little guys.
This was the way that she tried to deal with her loss, a picture partially done of her favorite chicken.
A family nearby contacted me and let me know that she had some hens for Kenzei. Her happiness returned. Later in the evening we went back and they gave us four more hens. SO now she has some cute little chickens- 2 sets, and 4 brand new hens. For now until we know if another dog/cat etc are causing problems they are all being caged. Just the roosters are in the open.

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