Monday, August 27, 2012

First Day of School

First Day back to school. They went to bed on time, got up early without complaint. Adjusted well to making lunches and eating breakfast at home- typically we get free lunch and breakfast at school, I am hoping we can get that sorted out. Then they indulged me for a picture or two before they headed off to load the bus. One a junior in high school, the other two are 8th graders this year. My daughter doesn't even know her schedule yet since we had to make adjustments last week. I am praying she gets great teachers. I have a menu made for dinner this week. I have beds made, the house fairly clean and all this started at 5 am. Now I am off to do my devotion with a house in order, get some exercise time in and then work on a quilt for a child who's father passed away this year, he was in the military, had cancer and was only 40 years old. Please pray for this family, for the wife who has lost her spouse way to early, for the children who lost their dad and will go through life missing so much, for the parents who lost their son and for me as I try to piece some shirts together and create a quilt of memories for all of them. Have a wonderful Monday.

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