Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Summer Deep Cleaning

After spending some of last week cleaning our closet and pantry- a very huge deep clean I was left with a mess that my husband had said he would help me "weed through" over the weekend. That didn't happen. Yesterday I woke up and decided I could not take anymore. So I decided to get some empty containers and start piling everything in.
It did take me all day but I did it. I got everything put away, found new homes for fabric. Gathered fabric that I was not going to use and boxed some up for a dear friend and then bagged the rest 7 bags~! That fabric will go to a Mormon Church to help with their quilt/blanket ministry.
It is amazing how clean it truly became. Now I have plans to put up some peg board for some quilting supplies, purchase new blinds, I had the same curtains up for 5 years which I made and to be honest I didn't ever like the fabric and I didn't quite know what I was doing. The current blinds let in a lot of light and I sleep better in a very dark room, otherwise my mind races for hours.
This is the fairly organized quilting portion of my closet. I want to purchase a few more shoe containers, I already had these, they really do help with sorting fabric by projects that I have planned. I have two containers of fabric that still need to be put into shoe boxes.  Today I plan to tackle my den, some of the containers of fabric had been put in there when the room was so full I couldn't store anymore. It will be a tall order. 
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