Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tackle it Tuesday

This is what my den looked like this morning. I had six buckets of fabric to go through. My husband had a misc bucket and there was a bucket of incubator supplies, then just some random things. Really it wasn't too bad but still took most of the afternoon. I still have a few papers to file.
This is my newly cleaned den. I still need to organize my desk and clean under the stairs, the stairs will be my tackle it Tuesday next week. It will take a while.
I have now touched every piece of fabric I own and this is what I will donate this week. I am excited that it is going to a good home. I am also excited to have the entire floor under my quilting tables free and have most everything truly organized in the quilting section of my pantry closet. I still hope to get some of those shoe containers to finish organizing the rest but that will have to wait until the 15th when I get paid. On a positive note someone gave us a bunch of clothes yesterday to go through. I have already gone through them kept the few things that we could use and drove the rest to the donation site so that I am not storing them. That is great progress!

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