Tuesday, July 17, 2012

My New Driver

We have a new driver in our household. This excites me very much. Today his third day of driving we drove to town, its a 30 minute trip to Tomball. He parked in the bank parking lot so that I could make a deposit. I drove to Mc D's where he could use his gift card from driving school for scoring high on his permit test, we parked and ate lunch, then he drove home from a gas station. So all in all an hour drive on major roads with lots of lights and traffic. He did great. I was proud. Only a couple scary times but he is much less anxious with me then his dad. Therefore, I am glad I am the one teaching him. I am thankful we have had a break in the rain so that he could drive so much lately. So far he has driven 2 1/2 hours! Yesterday I made him drive 16 miles in three subdivisions and then to the grocery store, today he drove 40!

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