Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A Father's Memory Quilt in Progress

I love Memory Quilts
I am always deeply honored to work on Memory Quilts. These are quilts where a loved one sends me their father's, mothers, grandparents, child's etc clothing and then I create a quilt out of this clothing. This particular quilt is a father's clothing who passed away in November. I found it very fitting that the Lord led me to a devotion yesterday from Revelation 21:4 as I begun this order. I am even more honored that her mother is also interested in a quilt order using some of these same clothing items. I was ever so careful when I cut the shirts to ensure that she could choose from any of them for her own quilt. I even suggested using some backs/fronts so that the opposites could be used in the second quilt. I love that there are two sweatshirts in this quilt, one that is a Dad and one that is a Grandpa saying. I am sure this will be treasured for a very long time. I am waiting for the flannel backing to arrive so I can finish the quilt.

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