Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Permit Day

July 12, 2012 it was raining so hard here but we still went to get Jakob's permit from a very busy DPS location because one he passed his permit test the night before with high 90's and two I knew where this location was. We had to stand in the rain a little over 30 min, probably closer to 45, but it was well worth it. Three hours later we had his permit.
Following suit of tradition when I was growing up we decided to have breakfast/lunch. We chose Denny's so I could get a cup of hot tea and we could get out of the rain a bit. To our surprise we saw a couple that we know from something called Venturing Crew, which the boys are part of. They were sweet and excited about Jakob's permit. They also paid for our bill. I didn't find out until we are done. What a huge blessing that was and it really spoke to his heart to have someone support him like that.
This was the rain on the way home, it was crazy. I was going to have him drive home that day but decided with the very high water on the road that it wasn't such a good idea.
Its interesting that last summer we had horrible fires and hardly any rain and this year we are flooding and can't seem to go very long without rain. It will give him some experience to drive in some rainy weather though which is good for everyone to know how to do.

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