Friday, March 16, 2012

What I am Learning Friday

Scheduling is important to exercise. We did not make it on our walk yesterday. I got home about six thirty and my husband was mowing part of the lawn. I had been going through a few boxes in our den to try and organize the items and well we noticed it was 8:30 at one point. I am finding that staying on a schedule and good planning is going to be necessary if we are going to be successful. While going through all those boxes was very physically demanding it is not walking, so already into Day 3 I failed. We do plan to walk today though so we will have to be aware of the time and not get too busy doing yard work, or with me quilting. I already see success since my legs look worse today then they did a week ago. I think that is the most interesting thing about exercising is that the first month you really do look worse as your body moves fat and other things around. Have a great weekend!


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