Thursday, March 29, 2012

Sickness took Over

Life has been very crazy around our house. Spring Break was wonderful and we enjoyed being able to relax at home. I missed the idea of taking a trip or doing something but we just didn't have the funds to manage that this year. We did go see the Lorax since the movie theater is still 2.50 per person. I love that there are a few cheap things to do once in a while. 
Our daughter came down with a virus Monday. Tuesday of last week we took her to the dr to discover it was not just a virus but mono, and that she was developing scoliosis. Wednesday led to X rays and blood work and shopping for pants and bras since I discovered both of what she was wearing were too small. Thursday she went back to school and I was left exhausted and starting to not feel well. Friday I worked up at the school and by the end of the day I was left to rest in bed. I had picked up something for sure. All weekend I stayed in bed, I did get to go sit out in a chair and enjoy some of the sunshine for a little bit, but even that was exhausting.
This Monday we had another dr appointment. Xray results show a 5% curvature in her back/spine so we are now being referred to a main children's hospital downtown. Her mono has become an old infection in her body and she is gradually feeling better. Yesterday was the first day she has not come home and slept from 4-8. I am super thankful for that. I think going to church helped a little in that she had to just come home and finish a school project and had no time to rest. 
Tuesday I finished a cute little bag for her.  She has been using it all week for school. It was supposed to be mine, but somehow the size got away from me. It is more of a book bag as her binders and things fit perfectly. I bet when we were picking out the fabric she was praying it would become hers. 
By Wednesday I was starting to feel better. It was the first day I was out of bed for a good share of it. I am thankful since we had a choir project to work on for both kids. I was able to work on a quilt and I am about half way done. I am so glad I am starting to really feel better. I still have a horrible head cold and am extremely exhausted but wow nothing compares to how I felt this past week. I am very thankful that my husband has been great during all this. He got us foods that we wanted and cooked and made sure everything went as planned.
So look forward to a giveaway from a great company called PhotoTrax
I will be trying to wrap up my review this weekend and get the giveaway posted. I also will have some pictures of quilts and some progress we have been making with the quail, new fences and other events in our life.


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