Wednesday, February 8, 2012

WordFilled Wednesday

Two are better than one, Because they have a good reward for their labor. Ecclesiastes 4:9
I love this verse. Lately in our family it is very true that two are better than one. We are working hard in our separate lives to provide for our family. My husband is doing a better job than I am, as his side jobs are pure profit- minus the little bit of extra gas. I can't really say that for my quilting. Sometimes my profit from each quilt is very minimal. I am so thankful we can work together as a team, and that our efforts are combined to help one overall goal.
I will say though that I feel disconnected lately. I feel our weekends are rushed, and we get little time together. Saturday he worked outside while I did something else, I can't even remember. Then we took our oldest to a competition, went grocery shopping, picked our oldest up, came home unloaded everything and attended a pancake breakfast a friend so graciously provided tickets for. Sunday was the game and while he watched that I worked on tagging 11 buckets of clothing for SOS. Then the weekend was gone..
He worked Monday after work. I found out late Tuesday that he had another side job scheduled and he is needed again tonight. I feel a little down just because we haven't connected in so long. I miss the feeling of being one and not two individuals in a race. I am so thankful for the extra side jobs. I know they will help provide gas money and then also money that Jakob needs for a trip coming up for school. I just realized how much I miss our family togetherness in rushed times like we have had lately. I need to do better at trying to get to sleep earlier so that in the mornings I can steal away a few moments then, just to talk. So what do you do with your spouse to connect when life sweeps you by?


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