Tuesday, January 17, 2012

ABC Quilt Block Sampler Project Redone Block One

Autumn Tints
This is my first block REDONE for my ABC Quilt Sampler using names of blocks alphabetically as my inspiration for the quilt. My friend Diana had this idea and I decided to participate and do one of my own. I did pick my own blocks
The block measures 14 inches. I decided I didn't like the first block I did, after I did the second one. I think maybe I am just going a different direction so that my blocks do contrast a little more. I like that you can see the colors a little more, compared to the first one where it blended. The first one was also a little smaller than 14 inches which ended up making a big difference once I finished the second block. I am still struggling a little when combining the pieces. They don't always line up the way they should and I don't always understand why the pattern of the block calls for a certain size cut when they don't line up and I have to trim so much off. It surely is a learning process.
I did decide for the third block the Country Crossroads is not one I can figure out, so now I am debating between the Cactus Flower, another pattern I found for the Country Crossroads and then the Chained 5 Patch 
All three would work. I just need it to be 14 inches finished.
I actually am a bit discouraged now that I have the first two done. I think some of the patterns I picked might be to difficult because I can't seem to find really good instructions that explain how to create certain style blocks. Sure hope I can stick with this. I loved the blocks I had chosen
So what do you think?


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