Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Tackle it Tuesday

My friend Diana had a great idea for 2012, she is going to make a quilt out of 26 blocks, one for each letter. So for example her first one will be Antique Tile while mine will be Autumn Tints. She will be doing a block a week. I have not decided how quickly I will do mine, whether one a day or one a week etc. Some weeks I know I can probably get 2 done. Some are more difficult then others for sure. So today i picked all 26 of my blocks. I also got that Elementary School Donation Quilt done, but I can't show it to you yet because some teachers might see it and I think it is supposed to be a surprise. It did come out nice though.
Here are my Blocks- they are not all the same size so I haven't figured out what I will do about that yet, some are 14, some are 12 and some are 10.  This is subject to change, since I picked some hard ones once I get started I might decide a few easier ones are a better choice.

Bear Paw is for my dad, Wild Duck is for my mom
Road to California is for me
Dove in a Window is for Paul
Jacob's ladder for Jakob
Z Cross for Zekaryah
Queen Charlotte's Crown for MeKenzei
Then there are others in there because they are significant name wise or I like the design. 
I think this will be a fun challenge. I am hoping it works out well, some cuts I don't exactly know how to do yet, so it will be a challenge for sure. 
If you would like to join Dianna and I in our quilting challenge for 2012 feel free and link up to my post.

Happy Quilting,


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