Saturday, December 3, 2011

Renaissance Festival

Let me start by saying that I had no intention to go.  Jakob sold Renaissance tickets for school, part of the Skills USA program he is in. A very kind lady at Paul's work bought them for us. I am not much for crowds and I had been to one in California when I was 18-19 and was just so embarrassed and uncomfortable. Let me now say that it was a lot of fun. Not sure I would go again with children but I might go again to go look through all the shops. Our friends Nikki and Tim had two children's tickets so outside of Jakob not going it was a free family day for us.

This is the group of us. Thank you to the kind man who took this photo. We are all at different parts in our lives but it is nice when our paths cross and we get to spend some time together. It is crazy how busy life gets.

Zekaryah and Mekenzei spotted this guy dressed up as a character from a game Jakob plays. It is a video game that you create the world yourself etc. So Mekenzei actually asked if I could get a picture of her with him. He kindly obliged.

These three kids sure do know how to have a fun time and it was so COLD! We were waiting for a bird show to begin. Let me tell you these stone seats were FREEZING!

This little one kept me warm often. I could not have been any more cold all day. The wind did not help either. She is super sweet, and sitting in my lap allowed her to see the horse show better too.

We bought a bag of kettle corn, otherwise outside of Zekaryah wanting to do this Trampoline thing we didn't spend money. I was very happy about that. He had never done this before. I was a little worried. I am thankful it was only $6 too, kind of hard to say no at that point. I got video of it once he started because every time he went up in the air and started to get down he screamed in a voice I have never heard WHOOOA! It was the funniest thing ever! What a great family day.


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