Saturday, December 3, 2011

This week began with a Quilt

Pilsner could not get over the fact that my dad left. My dad slept in Jakob's room while he was here, he would go in, sniff the blankets and lay his head on the pillow my dad used. He then got to where he would lay on top of the containers that he left, which we are storing behind the couch for now. He is literally laying on the back of the couch and those containers.

I started this week with a quilt part way done. I had finished the quilt top before my dad had gotten here. The plan was to quilt it that Saturday after Thanksgiving but it rained all day. Then the wind blew all Sunday so I had a change of plans and I finished this next quilt order- a Boyscout 15 Tshirt Quilt order.

I will be honest I am not sure if this quilt order was for the son or the dad but I think it turned out great. She wanted just black fabrics, but I did use a darker gray to bind it. Sometimes its harder to use two blacks on the front, they often clash.

She was the first customer to ask for a personalized quilt label on the front of the quilt. I figured it out though and I think it turned out wonderfully.

I was thankful the shirts, or at least most of them, had dates. I was able to the best of my ability put them in order. Two didn't have dates so I just fit them in the design.

Here you can almost see the scroll print on the black fabric.

I have not heard yet if she got her order, but I was able to sew the quilt top Monday, Finish the quilting that night, then bind it Tuesday and Get it washed and mailed out. I was so thankful to the Lord for helping me work so quickly so that I could get caught up. Monday was very stressful when I saw I had 10 quilts orders and otherwise that needed to be done.


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