Saturday, December 3, 2011

Lake Medina Thanksgiving Break Trip

Many of you know my dad came out for Thanksgiving this year. I had not seen him since my mom's passing in June of 2010 so this was a very special time for me. The last time my parents had been to Texas was Mekenzei's birth in May of 1999. It had been a long time. I will say he enjoyed the weather a great deal compared to their last trip. They didn't care for the humidity and heat before. Can't say I blamed them.

We arrived the first night to lots of deer that wanted to welcome us. We took pictures but they didn't turn out so well. I planned a simple breakfast of Breakfast rolls, sausage and bacon for both mornings. I just loved the campground my dad had chosen. The kids had a blast climbing on some really old trees. You can tell from the picture above how nervous I was. Paul took all these wonderful pictures.

The deer would come right up to us and eat. At first Kenzei used a container but later they ate right out of their hands. Even the bucks were trusting. They very much were like pets, it was simply amazing.

I can only say that these were such beautiful trees. The pictures taken from them literally take my breath away. I have never seen the kids have so much fun. The weather was incredible and we didn't even go into San Antonio for shopping like we had planned because they wanted to take in all the camp had to offer.

This picture is so the characteristics of my children. Zekaryah is Huckleberry Finn, the jeans, tshirt and bare feet. He is a breath of fresh air and curiosity. Mekenzei is laid back, relaxed and ready to tackle anything, taking it all in. Jakob is cautious, hence him bracing himself, he is very adult but has a small kid cry inside still.

The closeup is perfection, but I miss the bare feet to be honest.  We played some games at the rec center. My only downfall was not planning to eat dinner at the camp. We had to go to Chili's in town and that was terrible service. Next time we will just plan to stay in the whole time. We would have enjoyed that much better, besides we had started a Phase 10 card game the night before and never did finish it.

Paul had the time of his life with these deer. He has yet to take one this season yet they were within hands reach this day, simply amazing.

We took turns playing this game- its called Pickle Ball. It was a lot of fun. Mekenzei got her feelings hurt part way through so I joined in. We also played on the playground equipment too. It was so relaxing. Just what all of us needed.

Thanksgiving Break went by way to fast. My dad fixed three of my doors in the house. We had an experience on Thanksgiving Day when we were burning some old wood trash and taking down a tree. The tree which was tied off to both our vehicles decided it wanted its own way to fall. We had to go next door, meet our neighbor and have them move their old vehicles from the side of the fence. Thankfully they brought their very big truck over and helped us take it down. Only damage was to the chain fence, which didn't cost us much. I was thankful I put the Turkey in the oven the night before. I was able to come in that evening and still create a feast. We had our Ham the following night with another feast of side dishes. Eating was a great time of conversation, laughing and togetherness.

My dad even helped me get two push mowers fixed. He looked at both our riding lawn mowers, he said the engines needed repair so will have to wait on that I guess. One the flywheel needs to be fixed too. We did get the yard cleaned up some and all these containers of fabric and books etc out of his truck. My clean house didn't really appear clean anymore. I am looking forward to Christmas Break when I can change that.

We tackled many days of shopping. I had some quilting supplies to by. He loved our Hobby Lobby store and was able to buy some old looking Chevy/Gas station signs at 50% off. I was excited for him. He also found a hat he liked too. He even tackled Black Friday at Walmart later Thanksgiving Night with us. He helped me try to find this one game for Jakob- the only thing on his Christmas Wish List. I am thankful the Lord was with us that night as a couple got two allowing Jakob to have the game. It was a sweet story. I was super sad Sunday morning when my dad had to leave. It seemed like the trip wasn't long enough. I will always treasure the memories and pray that we can meet up again this summer. It was a wonderful relaxing break. I didn't even get any of my quilt orders done.


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