Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Game Nights

I really dislike when I eat food that bothers me, I get super sick. This is after opening Christmas Presents, and then most of the day. I almost did not think we would make it to Paul's sister's house for Christmas Dinner. I felt lousy. The dog enjoyed some sleeping time too.

Monday Paul had off so we enjoyed some games that evening after a great meal of sides. We had gone and picked up a washer and dryer that day, so I didnt' get a chance to put in a ham or a turkey so we could have some meat. Mekenzei got this cool game for Christmas. After playing for a while we discovered several cards were all misprinted. I hesitate to buy her one to replace it, I am not sure if it is the game in general or just the copy we got. We were sad to throw it out. She is our major animal lover, so this fit her perfectly!

We traded it up for Sequence. It was a lot of fun. Yes we wear lots of clothes in our house, it rarely gets above 60 probably more like 53 all winter long. Usually I am fully dressed with my robe and slippers too.

Zekaryah decided part way through that I needed to be in a picture too. It was our first night to play it, we did so again Tuesday night after dinner. I think it will be a new family favorite.  
We followed Tue night with a game Jakob got called Topple. Its funny because Jakob decided he did not want to play. For once that worked out well because we couldn't all five play. We had that problem with Sequence only four of us could play or we need one more person. Kenzei and I won the Sequence round. Zekaryah wasn't too happy about that, but his turn came because at Topple he won with the most scored points. Paul lost in the negative because he caused it to Topple. It reminds me a little bit of Jenga, which I might just have to buy again now that the kids are older. I think they would really enjoy it. I love that game nights have been very frequent this holiday season in our home.


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