Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Washer and Dryer Blessings

Our old washer and dryer stopped working. I was very distressed over the idea that it cost $25 to do 9 loads of wash. That had me searching for great deals and then finally Craigslist. Where I found this set, which is now ours. It took an hour to go get it and an hour to get home, which required some gas money and then $300. The only mistake made was we didn't measure them. How much difference could they really  be then our old set? 4 INCHES. That's it, but that is enough

So for the first few days my husband rigged a cord to another cord for the washing machine drain to have an extended amount. We tossed around two ideas, relocating them to a shed outside- thus dealing with weather, having to run hot water etc, quite a bit of work and cost to us money wise for supplies, or putting a hole in this wall- maybe better cost wise but could be a huge disaster this would be an act of faith!

Well from this picture you can tell we chose ACT OF FAITH. He first started with a fairly small hole. I was nervous the whole time!

That led to a cut down the wall, wow was the dust flying..

There goes our homemade baseboard. UGH..

Well we pulled the side of the wall out. Not too bad really. Took a puddy knife to the bottom so that we didn't accidentally cut into the wood floor. That was my idea :-)

I can't believe the size of the wood in this stud

There is wood siding in the closet. I am thankful for that because once we got the wall pulled away we realized that is all we needed. Looks like we can frame right on top of it.

So then there is this stud with the electrical line, that led to another difficult move. My idea a crowbar to pull the stud away so we could cut the nails that held it to the wood siding of the closet wall and then Paul cut a hole in the stud to allow the wire to slip out. Then we were able to remove the whole bottom half. Praise God.. This part went fairly well considering.

Him cutting his hole. I had a moment of faith since I had to hold this wire and trust him that he would not mess up here or at the top of the stud to get it out.

Jakob's contribution to our evening a pan of brownies. Much needed after so much stress. Now tomorrow we try to frame it and move them side by side. Please pray it will continue to go well. I would love to have time to make a dog house so the outside dog would be warmer. He refuses to not pee inside so I refuse to let him sleep in, even though its cold. It doesn't mean I don't feel bad though, I sure do. For now he has an igloo and hay, hopefully in a couple days he will have a new outside home.


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