Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve has had many traditions for our family. We always get PJS, normally us adults do this year. I even saw a pair I wanted, they were fleece and Kermit the Frog- but we couldn't find the size I needed. I am thankful that we found them for the kids, they are who mattered most. I missed our all day snacking, and our game night that normally occurs. I had served all day at SOS. I am thankful for that because I saw so many families get a warm meal on a very cold rainy day and many kids who got presents and were able to meet Santa Claus, it was a great day to give of my time. Paul smoked a brisket all morning, that was what we were taking to his family for Christmas Day.

After we had a meal at our friends house we watched a movie with them called Abduction. I think their dog felt a little left out because he made his way to their lap. I think he was maybe more jealous that Zekaryah had a spot on the couch with them. It was fun family time with great friends.


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