Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Date Night out for Hubby's Work

We rarely go out- esp just the two of us, normally if we do I try to work in a movie. Wednesday I had a date night with Zekaryah- we went and saw the third Alvin and the Chimpmunks movie. Thursday night was a date night with Paul, it was watching the Texans football game with the guys/spouses he works with.

Not really much of a date night but I did eat some yummy fried pickles, curly fries and chicken wings. I drank 8 glasses of iced tea while there and that made it where I could NOT Sleep. Lucky for me I had a book - the new Stephanie Plum book, so it came in handy.

The guys watching the game. We thought the Texans would win then the last four fouls just changed our winning streak and the other team won. It was interesting to see how mad/happy people became.

The girls having a good time. We only seem to see each other when there is a work function. I had made that girly Baby Genius quilt for Lorrie, to the right, she loved it. I was glad.
Lorrie and Joe as we were leaving. Looking back we should have had them get a picture of Paul and I too. It was a late night but overall a lot of fun. I was glad he had Friday off.


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