Wednesday, August 31, 2011

WordFilled Wednesday

Well I am at a loss for biblical insight today. All I can think about is something my daughter said yesterday.
She said things supposedly come in three's so what's next?
I had to kind of laugh because I hear adults say that all the time.

I said well what are your two? A legitimate question in my mind.
She said her foot- which at the time we did not know what was wrong, and Rufus. She asked if we would loose Stout too- her dog. Last night I did not know.

This morning Stout would not eat, he would hardly drink and he came in and did not want to leave the pillow on the floor at the side of the bed in my room. Interesting since that is where Rufus spent his last night in our family. When I picked her up from school for her dr appt I felt obligated to warn her that it wasn't looking good if I could not get him to eat. Her day did not get much better as the dr told her she needed a soft cast. That brought about her third in her mind- she won't be able to do cross country. I have never seen a child so devastated. At that point that became so much more important then the dog we just lost yesterday and the one that is sick today.

As an adult I really understand her reservations, her emotions, her valid complaints.
In life I think so often things pile up and then we become overwhelmed. We forget the good in things.
For example her hurting her foot, allowed us to find out she has an extra bone in the top of it, which allowed us to understand why she has the pain she has- and the doctors precaution (the soft cast) will allow for proper healing so that she can return to running, even if, in the end she does not run this season.

It also allows her to experience disappointment. As adults I think we go through that often. My husband and I seem to be surrounded with it these days. We start on a project get about half way done and can't finish because something else takes priority. I have felt overwhelmed by heat all week. Its frustrating to know that we have the window unit, we have the new windows in but we can't take time to get the wiring done. I can't even afford to pay someone to do it either. I do see a light at the end of the tunnel, even as I had to add four big trees that are dead to our Priority To Do List this weekend, which will push the chimney back, and the windows back and the ac back..

This morning after I returned Mekenzei to school I found myself praying to the Lord to give us a season to breathe. I know as we took the chimney down that means our only heat source for the main part of the house is gone. That means eventually we face the cold winter and 30 degree inside temps we did last year. So I am praying He already has a plan in progress. I know we are going to face the battle of food soon, as we are quickly going through our Kroger food supply from all that double and triple couponing I was able to do. I know he has a plan there too, I just have to have faith.

So while he allows what we deem as bad things to happen- I am reminded that there is always a reason and that he never gives us more than we can handle. Today I take refuge in that.

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  1. This post reminds me so much of our lives over the past few years. Something happened the other day and I found myself just saying "Really, God? Really?" I know that there is a season for everything, but my oh my is this season long! I will pray with you, my friend. Tell Mekenzei that I have an extra bone in my neck/spine.


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