Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Passing of Rufus

Rufus came into our family through our dog Porter, who was a birthday gift from Paul to me back in 2004.

Porter would have her first set of pups and we kept one and named him Boudreaux. Boudreaux was born in 2006 and he was a great dog. He was the biggest dog we had ever owned and thought he was a poodle when he climbed into your lap. We would move to our current house and find that Boudreaux and Porter would have a set of pups.
Rufus was born on September 5, 2007. He was adorable. He looked just like his mama. There was no question that we were keeping this pup.
Mekenzei and him would soon become the best of friends. You could rarely separate them. I loved having the company during the day when the kids were at school. He was super easy to train and was soon an inside dog, no questions asked.
We would soon loose Porter, the mama because she would protect Mekenzei, when a lady we befriended, entered our house, a little under the influence, and she was attacked. We chose to put her down because this was the second time she had bit someone and they were considering her  a danger to others. Mekenzei sure took that hard.

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