Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Surprise Email

I got an email from Pottery Barn today, it talked about a contest that I entered. The day that I saw the contest I had drawn up plans for Paul to make me one that same day. We had been cleaning the den and I had to move the desk away from the windows in case the chimney came down and took the wall with it. We have moved this poor desk from my room- where I used it to quilt, to the living room and now its in the den with very little space. 
As I have gotten busier I have discovered I really need this space to work for me. I do my quilting business from it, all the organizations I am part of, kids do homework etc. It gets used a ton. I thought what a great contest.
I laughed at myself when I submitted this photo. I called it "Needs Help"
I did finally fix the bottom drawer of my desk last week so it now fits back into my unit but otherwise its pretty much the same situation. With a crate on the stairs to hold all my binders. I have a birthday in Oct so this would be an awesome thing if the Lord wants it. So if you feel led to vote that would be awesome. You have to like Pottery Barn on Facebook and the pictures go up tomorrow.

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