Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wordfilled Wednesday

So since I am working out of the house this month part time, still working at home with my quilt orders and homeschooling the kids, they have been left lists each morning on their chores for the day. Today I added two essays to the list.
The first prompt was to write about what their favorite summer vacation idea is, the second prompt was to write What do you love best about DAD, i.e. Favorite Trip, memory etc.
Let me start by saying Mekenzei thought my i.e. was LIE- so that made things interesting.
So here is Mekenzei's essay for writing prompt 2

The thing I love most about dad is that he is always full of love, and he shows his love by fixing our stuff, playing with us and the simple one telling us he loves us when we leave.
Dad has always been there for us and tries to make things right, but messes up sometimes and that's ok. Everyone messes up and the point it, you don't cry over spilt milk you just move on and clean uyp your mess. Dad helps us with a lot of things and he doesn't really get the thanks he deserves when he does do something for us. Dad loves us with all of his heart, but he gets taken for granted sometimes. From time to time he gets left out and feels lonely, but then we spend time with him by watching movies. When we go on vacations we spend a lot of time with him because, well he is really fun. We have the most wonderful father in the world who fixes things, builds things, plays with us, spends time with us and really loves us very much.
This is just one of the many things I like about Dad. He loves us so much, and cares about us a lot but doesn't very well know he is loved back, so we do a lot of things for him to let him know we love him, and it isn't enough. If there is one things a Daddy's Girl should let there dad know its that they love them and I do very much.

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