Thursday, June 9, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Today I was in the movies with the kids when a friend called. I had to step out because I could tell she was very upset once I could hear her I realized she was telling me their home caught on fire. I was thankful for a few things. One they were safe, two the movie was almost over so we could leave and go make sure she and her family didn't need anything, three that she called me. I know that I could not do anything really but give some emotional support. They have a long road ahead as it burnt the fireplace wall and there is so much water damage from them putting the fire out. Tomorrow morning the adjusters come out and will evaluate the damage.
Please pray for a few things-
One that they cost of their deductible can be worked into their claim- we had that happen on ours years ago that really helped.
Please pray that the adjuster will walk through the home with some God granted vision. There are some repairs that already needed to happen and I would love to see them really be Blessed from this "tragedy".
Please pray that the hotel meets their needs and that if the repairs might take a while that they would get an apartment right away, we lived in a hotel for 11 months with three young children, that was no fun at all.
There is also room to pray for Blessing to another family through this. They know a friend who is a contractor and he could do some of the work for them, if this is to be please pray that the Lord will work that out.
Lord I ask you to provide a blanket of provision over this family. I ask that you meet all their needs both physically and spiritually.  I ask that you provide protection over their home, that no further damage would come but only your blessings to overflow throughout. I ask you to just surround this family with love, comfort and peace. Help this to be a work of good because we often have trouble seeing what your will is, in situations like this. Help people to come out of the woodwork to support this family who loves you and others so much. I have seen first hand so much they have done in our community for others, let your light shine through all that they have touched so they now can partake in generosity. Lord we thank you so much for protecting the two boys who were home alone, for also allowing them to be there so that the fire could be put out quickly so there was not a total loss. I thank you for all that you will do and all that you have done already. We are so grateful you are a Gracious Lord who already has a plan set into motion. These things we ask in your precious name, Amen.  Oh and I also ask that you provide provision over my husband and the men traveling to West Texas for their yearly trip. Please protect them and keep them, help them also to have a wonderful time. Amen

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