Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wordfilled wed

So since I am working out of the house this month part time, still working at home with my quilt orders and homeschooling the kids, they have been left lists each morning on their chores for the day. Today I added two essays to the list.
The first prompt was to write about what their favorite summer vacation idea is, the second prompt was to write What do you love best about DAD, i.e. Favorite Trip, memory etc.
Let me start by saying Mekenzei thought my i.e. was LIE- so that made things interesting.

Here are Jakobs Essays- which is not an essay more a paragraph- so I know he DID NOT read my instruction or needs to look up the word ESSAY in the dictionary.

1. Something inexpensive that we could do is go to Galveston for the day. Or if we wanted to stay in "town" we could go to the movies. Even if we went to Uncle Dales or Uncle Davids pool, that would be fun, since our pool is more for cooling down in. As long as we do something fun every once in a while, I think we can be kept entertained.

2. shouldn't ask a guy a question like this...Oh!
Here's something. (deep breath)... crap, I blanked out again...not that I can't think of anything, but I can't think of anything to write .... about this.
One of the things I like about dad is that he is good in many areas that I am not, for example, socializing. While it can be annoying (extremely), I think that he is helping me to become more social.
Another trait he is good at is the art of Bs'ing An example of the uses of BSing in the 5 or so lines above this short essay.
----He then drew a picture that looks like tetrus
and then wrote
(the purpose of the above image is to give me a page's worth of content.

All I can do is laugh.. and I just had to share. Very creative and he did not follow directions!

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