Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tackle it Tuesday

Today's Tackle- My finished Queen Size Tshirt Quilt. First Ever!!
I don't even know how I got this done to be honest. I started working on it May 31st and Jakob helped me get it quilted today after work. It was a HUGE project. I am thankful for the order because I have been able to have the experience to know how much more these quilts take out of me. I also raised my price. I did this quilt for $300 and I can tell you that was not enough, esp since it REQUIRES me to have someone help quilt. So in the future I will know to charge more. I am in the process of teaching this month and also homeschooling Zekaryah on three subjects- and assuring that the other two do some schooling- that is not going as well. We also just started a new group with Jakob called the Venture Crew- it is kind of boyscouts for girls and boys ages 14-18. It is alot of fun so far however it requires more time out of my schedule. It will ensure that he gets more volunteer hours, which he needs for that full ride he is intersted in.
Anyway I hope to get back to Blogging it has just been a busy ride since school let out on the 26th.

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