Thursday, June 2, 2011

Thankful Thursday

This week I am thankful for a great deal. This morning I start my three week summer job, it will provide extra income.
On Saturday I had a family visitor that was nice.
On Sunday we went to my husbands families home and I was able to pull off a surprise cake and gift for his upcoming 40th birthday- which he will be gone for. It was nice to do something for him.
I am thankful for a queen size quilt order that came in on the 25th. I am a little nervous that my schedule has stayed busy and I don't have the quilt top done yet.
I am thankful that Jakob starts a new group today called Venturing Crew. He never does anything social so I am praying this will bring opportunity for some fun along with some service in the community.
I am thankful for dental insurance and the fact that Paul can take the morning off to take the kids and himself to appointments. I had set up the visit prior to knowing I got this part time job so it was nice he was accommodating.
I am thankful that we notorized once again MeKenzei's form for her birth certificate change, they sent it back to us rejected. I pray everything is correct this time. The last one the notary put the wrong city and county.

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