Thursday, May 12, 2011

Thankful Thursday

I am thankful this week for a husband who has been so helpful with my quilting needs. He stopped twice this week and will stop again tonight for items that I needed for quilt orders I have been working on. He could have purchased the flannel I needed last night but he wanted to use the 50% off coupon he had so that I saved more on the purchase. For that I am very grateful, it really helps us keep more profit if I can get supplies at the cheapest rate. Last night I had to replace my rotary cutter, it broke again. I was a little concerned when he said that he could not get the same one I have always used, well I will be honest in that I love this new one. It will take a while to get used to it, but so far I think it might really be a better cutter.
I am thankful for the provision for my daughter this week. Last year we could barely do anything for birthdays. This year I was able to provide two gifts because family sent small checks. I was also able to take her out to eat. I couldn't take the boys and her dad too, but it was nice to just be us. Then we were able to stop and get some things for her lunches too. I actually let her get some fruit snacks- which I never buy the good ones. That made her very happy. I am thankful I finished her quilt too. It meant so much to me to get that done for her.
 I am thankful this week for my Blogger friend, she allowed me to do another quilt for her. I had nothing on my schedule at all yesterday. I am so thankful for the time and the humbleness that provided the quilt for her son's graduation. I know it can't be easy to let someone do something for you, but I am thankful she was humble because I believe it truly has already blessed me. I can't wait to send it later this afternoon. I am praying she will allow me to do one for her other son soon too. So if you will pray she will have provision of funds to send me more shirts that would be great. It has been such an honor to provide something for her children.
I am thankful this week to have two definite quilt orders. Sometimes its so hard when you deal with inquiries. It seems like many of them fall through. I do know though that the Lord only gives you what you can handle and I do know that sometimes people change their mind so I constantly have to remember not to take it personal and let the devil put dumb thoughts in my head. I am so ever thankful for these orders because it is paying for Jakob's college class that we register for today. I have no idea how we would have come up with that $60 otherwise. It is so nice we get a price break on the class since he is in High School. 
I am thankful for the provision we are already seeing from our garden and the research we did yesterday on Zucchini that showed us we can plant more and that we were watering wrong. I had no idea you should not get the leaves wet. I pray we don't loose our already adult plant. I am thankful we also found out we should water it in the morning not the evening.
I am thankful for the meeting at the Junior High this week. It is exciting to think about getting involved in school again, this year has been a nice break since neither school they were at this year really has a place for us to be deeply involved. I am trusting the Lord in his direction for me to be treasurer this year. I am not quite sure why he took me out of my comfort zone. I would have much rather been Secretary or Vice President like normal. I guess he wanted me to try something new. I pray that I am up for the challenge and welcome it.
I am thankful that my husband and I sat down and figured out all debt, the best way to try and pay it down and that we decided to go ahead and lean on our food storage supply. We wrote a list of the contents of freezers and I pray for provision of veggies and dairy products to get us through these next three months. It seems like the end of Spring beginning of Summer are harder than the end of the year for us. I pray for provision of quilt orders, I am thankful to the Lord for providing a part time job for the month of June and I pray that my husband get some extra work through the metal and pvc jobs that his brother in law's side companies so that we can get out from under not being able to pay for things every month. I am thankful we have credit cards to provide money for gas and food but I really want to be able to get away from using those means of payment.
It has been a very good week. I am very blessed with a wonderful family who helped me get through Mother's Day. It was so much more difficult than I ever could have imagined. I am thankful that the Lord knew this so many years ago when he surprisingly blessed our lives with Mekenzei. Having her birthday to focus on really pulled me through.

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  1. I love reading the Thankful Thursday posts that people put up. Yours is very meaningful. God is providing and teaching and it's so wonderful that you give Him the glory.


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