Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mekenzei's 12th Birthday

Mekenzei's 12th birthday.

It was over 90 degrees in the house so we decided to open gifts in my room on the bed. Mekenzei and I had dinner out right after school, and we were just doing mini cupcakes this year so it seemed fitting, and it was nice to be cool.

Mekenzei and I both love Colbie Caillat, esp her song Bubbly. I thought it was super fitting that on the day she tried out for a solo, with that exact song was her birthday- esp since I already purchased the Cd for her.
The summer around here means heat. It also means we have three bedrooms to lean on because they are the only rooms with window units at this point. Last summer we fixed Jakob's windows by adding plexi glass to them and we put in a window unit framed by plywood. That seems to be doing well. Mekenzei's room also has a window unit and I saw that we really needed a place for another tv, which meant we needed the fixings to get tv. Hence the antenna..
My dad sent money. I love money because it allowed me to get her this converter box. I still think these are priced way to high! They cost more than the dvd player, that seems just crazy to me. It is so worth it for now though because there will be less fighting while I am working in the mornings/mid afternoon during the month of June. I was very concerned about having them separate while I am working so no accidents occur.
Lastly my dad in Utah also sent a check so I used it to get her this DVD player. We still monitor what they are allowed to watch in their rooms but for now it seems an okay option. She was very excited to have some new things for her room. Hopefully we get them all set up tonight as we ran out of time last night. She had a wonderful birthday and I am so thankful for the Coupon for a free meal at Dennys. That really helped round it all out. I am very thankful that I had those two little checks so that I could get her more than just the cd and the handmade quilt too. Just think next year I will have all teenagers, what a scary but exciting thought.

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