Friday, May 13, 2011

What I Am Learning Friday

Been a while since I have done a post like this but after this week I felt it was needed.
Yesterday a couple of interesting things happened to us. First I found out on Wednesday night that Jakob had to register for his college class this week or he would not get in. Meant I had to dip into my savings fund for windows to pay for the class. I was a little bummed, yet I knew once I had purchased all the products needed for my two quilt orders the remaining balance could be transferred back into my savings, I just had to be patient and trust that all would work out. While at the college yesterday we had to wait a long time to see an advisor. It was a little funny when we sat down. The lady looked Jakob up and reviewed his scores, then seemed a little puzzled as to why I took the chair nearest her. She looked directly at Jakob and asked, is she your girlfriend? Then Paused a second and said or sister? She was wrong on both accounts and when leaving Jakob stated to me that he was scarred emotionally over the whole thing. I had to laugh. It really did make my day, or week. She also said she doesn't see high scores like his on the placement tests, especially not out of freshman. That made me excited, as I was a little worried about how he would do in the class. Now the only obstacle left for the class is the scientific calculator. That is about $100 I think. OUCH!
So the next interesting thing is that the Lord has a way to work things out even when you feel there is none. My husband had stopped by at Joann's near his work for me on Wed night. They did not have any gray flannel- which I need for two current quilt orders. I was a little worried. I asked him to stop again last night on his way home to see if there shipment came in, he forgot. So when he got home we loaded into my truck and went to another one a few cities over. We got there and they had the flannel. I was super excited till I realized we did not have the coupon, it was in his truck. We walked around a bit and then I just decided I could not justify paying full price. We went to the truck sat their a bit. He double checked his wallet to make sure he had not left one in there and we talked. We talked "reality". The reality was they didn't have much flannel, that we had already spent gas money driving out, so if I spent gas money to drive out again I would loose more money on what I was already trying to save. We talked about just getting part of what I needed, but then I feared not getting it for the next quilt in time. We finally decided to just pay the full price. When we walked back in the young lady behind the cutting counter seemed puzzled. I walked right back grabbed the two bolts they had and sat them on her table. I had to take all of what they have and will have to piece part of it because it was not in the 2 yard increments I needed, at this point I realized i didn't care. She said something which prompted my husband to say that we left the coupon on the table and had been debating whether we could get the flannel at full price since we were buying nearly 9 yards at $6.99 a yard. I then went on to say how he had already been to the other store and they were out, how I had two orders that needed to be out next week and that I was worried they would not have it if I came back. Then I asked if they would be stocking more because that is a common quilt color for me. She was so super sweet. I could just see the peace of understanding wash over her. She checked for me, let me know that indeed Willowbrook didn't have any, but another store another half hour away did, if I needed it before they got more. She then said she thought she had a 50% off coupon on hand for me. YEAH LORD!
Now let me explain why its so imperative, see I had already done a donation quilt this week. I took some of the quilt profits and used it for supplies I needed. I had just paid that $60 for Jakob's course and had donated to a worthy cause for a friend that day. Then I saw that I was buying 9 yards of fabric at regular price. When you calculate the 50% off coupon well that was a savings of $30. I am so thankful that even though I forgot to trust the Lord to work it out, he already had a plan for us. They had exactly the amount I needed, even if I have to manipulate it, he put a kind worker at the counter who helped me out and he verified that even though I was trying to CONTROL the situation, it wasn't in MY HANDS it was in HIS.
Why do we not remember this?
What's even better today is that while looking for Mekenzei's

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  1. Why do we not remember this? Because we must rededicate ourselves daily to him! God bless!


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