Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tackle it Tuesday

Not sure if this totally counts as a Tackle it Tuesday, I was working on the quilt top at midnight so I would think so. I finished it this morning. I love the idea of this quilt because I know so many guys that have Rock Band Tshirts. It would be a great way to treasure those concerts etc. I have one more to go and then the orders that have to be out for graduation are done. I am praying some more come in. We are still way behind this month so I am starting to get a little nervous. My husband has not picked up any side jobs lately either, so the extra money we typically have has not been there and we have had added expenses that I was not anticipating. I know it will all work out but I also know it is good to pray for more work. I didn't make much progress on the house yesterday but Baby Steps are good- I suppose. Today I will be working on laundry, the bathroom and Zekaryah's Room. Jakob's Room is nearly done. First I am going to go tackle that last quilt order. Might be able to post pictures tonight. It is going to be a more difficult quilt- hence- why I saved it for last.

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