Monday, May 23, 2011

Monday Madness

I really enjoyed doing this quilt. I took it as a rush order, a woman wanted a graduation gift for her son, she needed it by July 11th. The order came in on the 19th, I got the shirts on Saturday and finished the order today, not bad. I actually put it in front of two others. I could not believe how wonderful the customer was. Each shirt was marked, she was easy to work with meaning I could choose between three colors I had on hand, and she even printed the invoice and put it in the box. So now the quilt can go out tomorrow. I have one more to try and do tonight- might be finishing it in the morning though.

She had put in a special request for this little patch, it was located on the sleeve, it was super easy to do because it had not been sewn on. I have two more quilts to finish and have out by Friday. I also have an entire yard and house to prepare as we have a family guest on Saturday. I am already hitting resistance with the kids, please pray they will work with me. I really need them to pull together and help out. Jakob's room is nearly done, so just 8 more to go.

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