Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Tackle it Tuesday

Jakob's Quilt Top
I really would like to give this to him for the end of Graduation this year. I started his quilt gosh almost three years ago. He loves games. This quilt holds 27 game fabrics, boy did it take a while to find them all. Funny because I had one more fabric, but I think I will opt to do pillowcases with it. I was so frustrated while working on this quilt. It has been the most difficult yet. I had a great Sudoku plan- the middle portion of the quilt, but it wasn't big enough. I don't know what I was thinking. So with the help of my friend Des I thought of a way to make it work, after figuring out I cannot make FLYING GEESE. That would have been so cool, but nope I just couldn't figure it out. I think he might have me put one more border around it because it is short of being twin size, it comes in at 66 by 82 non quilted and trimmed. Will see. I should have put a colored border in between the black and white fabrics and the game squares that follow, but other than that I like it. Funny how we are our worst critics right? Now I just pray for a quilt sale. I don't have the batting to finish his quilt, well I do, but its for a quilt order I already took. I am worried about using it and trusting that I would have the money later for it so there is my faith for you.. I have to trust that if the Lord feels its important he will provide me with that $20 for the batting. Sometimes its so hard to trust but I am thankful that MY GOD is bigger than even this quilt! I am also thankful that it is almost done, next time I will have a better plan laid out like I do now on all my quilts. This quilt at least taught me that- always have a layout and dimensions before you begin, it makes it so much less of a headache, trust me I have been getting plenty of those lately physically, no reason to have one mentally too. :-)

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