Monday, May 16, 2011

Children are Gifts

Sometimes I think our world can be very cruel. I am often amazed at the advice of parents, probably more so when everything I know from a bible standpoint goes against that advice. There is a couple out there, both young, yet adults- not high school age, they have become pregnant and the advice of the parents were for the girl to abort the child, their grandchild. They felt for whatever reason this was the best answer. My husband was telling me of this situation and I just felt horrible on so many levels. I would love to have another child, we would take a child in - in a heartbeat if it meant there would be no abortion. I began to pray.
I am happy to say that she has decided to go against her parents wishes, she is keeping this baby. So now I am collecting baby things, swing, car seat etc to try and help out. I remember being 20 and us having no job, just recently been married and finding out we were pregnant. We didn't have much but we had the essentials, a couple blankets, a carseat, a stroller and a crib. I shopped thrift shops, had friends donate etc. I ask that you pray that the Lord help in this situation. That he would provide a feeling of peace so that they will know this is His Will. That she would know that babies are a gift, sometimes they are far from planned and sometimes they may seem unwanted but that feeling is just fear, and that is normal. I pray that the Lord will use us in any way possible, and that my husband can continue to minister to the young "to be" dad. I am so thankful he continued to talk with his girlfriend- as he wanted this baby. My husband really helped him see he had a right to this child so that it would be saved.


  1. I will certainly pray for this situation. My Mama has a ministry in Ukraine that offers to give young mothers who choose not to adopt a goody bag for their baby. It has blankets, bottles, burpcloths, pacifiers, sleepers and the like in it. Once the ladies see the bag they want it for themselves, and they choose to keep their baby. Such a sweet ministry.


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