Monday, May 9, 2011

Mothers Day Blessings

Saturday night I prepared my heart for Mother's Day by going to church. It was a great service and we got to watch so many babies be dedicated to the house of the Lord. I love moments like that. Our daughter was at a friends birthday party, so I missed out on a picture moment. I don't know why but I didn't want to take my Mother's Day photo without her there. So we will get one sometime this week. My husband was great, he cooked a great breakfast meal for the two of us and we ate before the kids got up on Mother's Day morning. I got a few cool little gifts. Like these brown wash cloths and hand towels for the bathroom. I really needed some, mine are full of holes. Maybe next year I will get some bath towels to match.

We have been having a organization issue in the shower. We used to all use the same soap, shampoo etc, but with teens I find that they like their own thing. So he got me this extended space saver rack. It is over twice the size of what I had before and now I don't have all the clutter on the sides of the tub. It will make it much easier to clean. I love it!

This was a true blessing and very unexpected. He asked me what I wanted that was small for Mother's Day to add to the practical side of his gifts. He thought of candy. I actually didn't want candy. See I am borderline diabetic because of my weight and family history, so I actually need to start exercising and loose a little weight. Seems I have gained 10 lbs since my mom passed away. Amazing what depression can do, and lots of cokes. So I cut the coke and cut way back on candy and he was left wondering what to do. His work had made an order from a company and they sent him a gift card to a local sports place. I love that he thought of me. He came home Friday night and said - hey they have $20 shoes for walking and running, what about that? I was a little leery. It is often hard to find my size, but guess what we found two different pairs. A nice pair of shape ups the new fad- which I finally decided against because I wanted to be practical and run in them too, so we found these. $20 brand new Nike shoes, he got me a bag of socks to go with it. Very nice gift. Still practical but I am a practical gal.

Now this totally crashed my diet. I actually wanted carrot cake- I got trumped by everyone but my husband. My husband said its Mothers Day and your mother should decide what she wants. I quickly saw my poor children's faces and decided pineapple upside down cake it was. It was super Yummy. I enjoyed a piece for Breakfast too. We will get the carrot cake next weekend because my daughter wants red velvet cake for her birthday- guess what she is the only one that likes it. I have already decided to just buy the one piece for her from the store. I really dislike all the red dye in it. It was a very good Mother's Day. We enjoyed a crockpot pork loin roast with carrots and potatoes and even got the fridge and freezer cleaned out. I loved that I got to wrap the night up by talking to my grandma and my dad. I sure miss family.

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  1. Looks like you had a greta Mother's Day. I know your Mom was smiling down on you.


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