Monday, May 9, 2011

Garden Progress 2011

Our first zucchini about ready to be picked!

Yellow Squash growing well

A second plant of yellow squash, finally starting to show progress.

Some kind of other squash, maybe butternut?

Jalepenos almost ready for picking this coming weekend. Betting it will be great in the homemade salsa he makes.

A batch of tomatoes doing well. I am thinking we might pick these green to make his green salsa.

Watermelon really starting to grow and we are finally seeing buds. I am betting next year we plant more squash. The hay really seems to help this year. In the past we get some but the ants will get to them or they get soft inside. The one I picked this morning was perfect. Can't wait to use it for Wednesdays Stir Fry that is planned.


  1. Beautiful! I have never had green salsa. Can you send me the recipe?

  2. Awesome! Wow, we need to get going on a garden. We have some tomatoes and one is starting to rippen but that's about it.


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