Friday, April 1, 2011

Zekaryah's Ocean Mania Quilt

Zekaryah's Quilt has been a quest in the making. I had the top done quite a while back, I was going to link to the post, but I have no idea where exactly in the year for 2010 it was. Oh well.. Anyway point is, today I had this pinned quilt starring me in the face and not much to do, so I finally got to quilting and binding it.

I think he is going to love it, it is bright and colorful and full of ocean ideas.

At the time that I was making the quilt, his favorite color was blue, so I found this neat star-burst fabric that kind of reminded me of jelly fish- if you use your imagination. Needless to say his favorite color is green now, but he still likes blue, so he says.

It even has his name at the top, however I will have to fix it with a label because well it cut part of the R off his nickname which is Ryeyo. For now it is in the washer and then will hit the dryer than hopefully his bed- Lucky him I noticed while in his room that his room once again needs cleaning. Guess he can do that while Jakob and I are at the carnival working tonight. So maybe just maybe I will finish Jakob's quilt next week, or over the weekend. That one is more of a challenge since my original plan did not work, so his quilt top is actually a work in progress.

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