Friday, April 1, 2011

Trusting the Lord

Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding (NIV)
Proverb 3:5

Last night my husband received a phone call from his coworker telling him that there was an opening at Exxon Mobile for a clerical position, and asking if I was serious about going back to work full time. It would be working under his coworkers girlfriend. First off, I was serious a year ago when things were pretty bad and it looked like there was an opening at my husbands work. I am a little torn at this point because I am not sure what the right decision is for us. I know with me staying home the kids grades are all wonderful and they have time to do things like Track, Volleyball and choir. I also know that Jakob graduates in three years and we get our afternoons together with me being home, so that is nice. 
I will admit that it is a hard call to make. I know that our house needs a lot of repair and the land we own is not selling anytime soon, so this would be an answer to prayer financially- if the money was right. My cousin made the comment last night not to be too quick to dismiss. It made me realize that even though my heart knew we had to pray on it, my mind was not doing that. 
There are pros and cons to every decision. I do realize that Jakob would be driving soon, so that would help with the number one issue- how to get the younger two to and from school activities in the afternoons. 
That brings me to this verse. I am looking at this in a world's view. Not seeing the bigger plan. This is a great opportunity, I have worked this type of job before and loved it, the kids did well in school then too, I would still be able to handle quilt orders- just maybe not turn them around in two days. The Lord would be able to provide us new windows, a new fireplace etc if I was working- because of the added income. Things would also not be so stressed because my husbands income does not meet what our monthly bills are, and we do live without things like satellite TV etc to keep the budget low. 
I am going to trust the Lord to open the doors that he would like opened, and close those that need to be closed. I will do my part and go to the temp agency and do the application process and testing, then if I am hired I will trust the Lord to make a way for all those that seem impossible right now.
Its very interesting how quickly live can change by the decisions that we make. 
I look forward to seeing what the Lord has in store for our family.

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  1. Oh wow! I have been praying that God would provide me with more income. My husband's income also does not cover all of the bills. I babysit to make up the difference, but it does not fully make up the difference. We have cut the grocery bill, cable bill, started making lunches for school. I make my own laundry detergent. We go out to eat only once per month (Except when we go out of town for medical appointements, and then we go through the drive-thru somewhere cheap. I buy the kdis clothes at consignment sales. I don't know what else to cut. Maybe the Lord will allow you to go to this job for a short season.


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