Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Today I reflect on my parents. This Sat, April 16th they would have celebrated 34 years of Marriage. The Lord continues to work in mysterious ways for us as all three children will be participating in activities on Saturday that reflect who they are and with something my mother would have celbrated in. Jakob will be a contestant for a Math Bowl, as an Algebra II entry. My mother always was so pleased with how hard he worked, how deligent and brave he was. She would always offer up a special prayer for him before things such as these. I know she would have been thrilled to see he made it. The Younger two are running in the Fun Run- 6th graders in their district will compete with each other for the top three spots. I am excited that this event corresponded with my parents anniversary. 

Marriage is such hard work. It requires communication, adjustments, consideration and most of all lots and lots of prayer on our knees so that we can have a good relationship with our mate. I can remember from a young child's age that my parents would take time most nights to take a walk after dinner. They woudl often leave us on Saturday's to tend to weekend chores- a list that we despised- so that they could shop, have lunch and spend some time together. 
My parents did not have it easy. We did not have much money and they sacrificed much to give us what we did have- such as opportunity to take advanced classes in school, girl scouts, band, choir, theater, my brother took wood-shop. We were deeply rooted into a church once I was in Jr. High, then moved to another during my High School Years. They emphasized the importance of family and love. While we may not have always seen eye to eye, and I know that as I got older there were times where I did things, made choices that gave them disappointment. I also know that they were always in my corner, they were always in each other's corners. Support was the backbone of our family.
I think of my mom's last 5 years, she continued to become more and more disabled, not being able to do some things that really frustrated her. To simply walk down the hall in the last year was a struggle. Yet, they still took time to vacation- to spend time with one another. They always went away for their anniversary, well once us kids were out of the home. That was something I always appreciated. I always prayed for them as they left, and during their trip. I prayed that they would fall even more in love for the next coming year than the year before. 
Today and throughout this weekend- I pray for my dad. I can't imgaine the pain of loosing a spouse so early in life. To be in your 50's and have life forever change. I feel a little hopeless as I am not close enough to spend the day with him, to provide him with some comfort. To maybe take that weekend trip with him in her stead, but I can offer prayer, and a phone call and my thoughts and care. I think the most important lesson I learned from my parents was that there is not always a tomorrow. They had so many plans that are left undone. That you shouldn't wait until retirement to start your TO DO List, your want list...Live for today as it is your last, create those memories because you will have them for a lifetime. 
Thank you mom for being such a wonderful mother, showing me the importance of caring for my children over a clean house or perfect yard. Showing me that my husband needs to be put before my job, my friends, my obligations. That Love is not just a feeling its an action.
Thank you Dad for showing me that I deserve wonderful things, that if I work hard and long I can achieve anything, That when you hit another path to take, you can take a while to decide which road you want to travel, the decision does not have to be made right away. May the Lord provide you comfort and wrap His arms around you as you continue to make it through the journey of this first year.

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