Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Part of Thankful Thursday Early

So I have much to be thankful for. The provision of lumber. In case you don't know what my husband does for a living let me explain a little. He works in a warehouse that receives huge server cabinets, they modify them etc and then they are reshipped out. Today he received these huge crates- Where we come in is that we needed to replace the privacy fencing in the back but we couldn't because we can't afford the wood. Same was true of the Pantry- the Lord had provided us the walls with wood from other types of crates. Its amazing if you look around our house, various projects come from these shipping containers. We are very resourceful! He has three more of these at work, so it will make a really nice fence line.

Here is what we are fixing. We had Hurricane Ike take out two trees, you would have to go back and see the posts from a couple years ago, well those trees took out much of this fence0 which we allowed the vines to overtake just to give us some privacy from the lot next door. We have lots of privacy in the back part of our 2 acres but the sides are more narrow. We are wanting to turn this whole area into our family fun zone- BBQ pit, Tables, a above ground pool etc, but I really wanted a fence so that people aren't staring at the kids etc. Amazing how the Lord works in mysterious ways. My husband is outside with his Sawzall taking apart the crate as I type, so he can bring another home over the next few days, so we can put it up this weekend. YEAH GOD!

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  1. That is awesome! You seem to be having a string of blessings these days!


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