Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tackle it Tuesday

I admit this is more like a late tackle it Monday- I had to do the sanding on two corners and repaint last night, because I have a dr appointment this morning, then I also got asked to help with the choir dress rehearsal for tonight's program--this afternoon at 12:30. I am praying that me arriving at my appointment early will help me get in early, get out early and make it back in time for their rehearsal. Will be a tight fit, but that's what happens when you are asked last minute.
So the before color was a purple- it had been in my daughter's room at my Mother in Law's house years ago when she was in pre k, at the time she had her room a very loud pink and purple. It worked for the time, but since we have been here it has been in my room and well I hate looking at it. I decided since I had plenty of the paint left over from the game center, I would just use the same color to do the dresser. I think it turned out great!
Jakob helped me move the frame in this morning when we got up- so that part is my tackle it Tuesday. Its right under the window so the space is used well and I hope to be able to put things in it soon. It will be a much better location than in my bedroom against a wall taking up space. We also moved a gun cabinet last night- after we moved the mirror on the wall by our bed. Of course we found more mold. Never a good thing- means three of the four interior walls of our room have it. Probably a high source of my depression. Hopefully we can tackle those locations soon- for now I have used bleach and vinegar. I loved the mirror when our bed was in the middle of the room, now it was just in the way- its something the previous owners left. I know why now that we saw the mold. Same story as the extra wide baseboards I love- a nice cover up job. So sad that people are so dishonest. Regardless I am still making progress and I am happy about that. If you will pray my appointment goes well and quickly that would be great.

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