Monday, April 4, 2011

Cleaning Part Two

This is what was left this morning. It was very very overwhelming, so I dragged container by container to the bed and used the table and trashcan to go through each. Took a couple hours but not too bad. It has ALL been gone through and put up in one way or another.
This is the newly cleaned area. Since it will be my sewing spot I want to get a bookcase for my supplies that will help things stay tidy since there is no longer a desk here. I am hoping Hubby will make the bookcase this weekend. I need him to hang my thread rack for sure.
So I didn't get everything put away just yet this is a box of just things to be filed and sorted into files. Not bad, but I better get to this first thing in the morning- My main goal is no containers/boxes of stuff. Unless it is for storage like blankets or supplies.
This is the trash- feels good- alot of magazines and mail - I was surprised at how much homework that is graded ends up in my room too.
So with all stories of my life this is what is left. Not too bad. A lot of random things and not really a great deal of stuff, just have to take another 30 min or so and get it all put up.

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