Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Quilt Section Two

I am pleased to say I now have 15 Nine Patch Units. They look wonderful, they still need to be pressed but I won't do that until I am ready to add binding, backing and quilt them. The next step was to lay out 15 more sets.

Here are the next 15. I sure hope my last set of charms get here soon because I can't do the last five until I have them I am out of Extra Nine Patch blocks, unless I use her focal blocks to create all the last five. That could be managed. Anyway, today I felt a little torn. I would love to give this to her for her birthday which is May 10th, so there is plenty of time, however my fabric arrived for that Full size quilt order. So I really should work tomorrow on these 15 and then set it all aside and work on the paid order. Except that I really really want her to have this quilt. The order is needed by May 25th, so I could set it a few more days out but its not very business like. I guess I will have to pray about it and see what happens. I am sure I can get both done by the 10th, if I truly worked really hard.

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