Monday, April 4, 2011

40 Bags 40 Days

I thought I was going to apply for that job I heard of last week, but turns out we have decided for me to just stay home. I did apply for a job last week for teaching part time this summer in just the month of June, so maybe that will come through. We decided that Zekaryah needs more help with Math this summer to be better prepared for Jr High next year. In a way it is a relief because I think there is still much to do before I can go back to work full time.
For example today I tackled part of our room. There was at one time a bucket here with socks- well I think the kids borrowed it and I had asked them to clean up the mess they left- It didn't happen- one more reason I wanted them out of our room.

This is the newly cleaned area, much better. I also have a bag of trash- I don't get how so much stuff ends up under the bed. I also pulled down the blanket that was over the sliding glass doors so that I could wash it, its been up there a year so I was thinking its probably full of dust. Did the same with our bedding- will be nice to have clean sheets with the cleaner room.
Even tackled my side of the bed, clearing out my bedside table that for some reason gets full of all kinds of things. I tackled under my sewing tables too. Now I have some more room if I need it. I do still have a ways to go. I am kind of drained today and not in a very good mood. I would like to say I am going to keep pushing but will see.
Frankly the site of this is overwhelming. I think there are four containers of random things that are left from the living room, kitchen, den, the desk we moved. It has all made its way to my room. I hope that I can just put in a movie and keep moving. It would be nice to have fully tackled one more room! May the Lord give me strength and motivation.

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