Thursday, March 10, 2011

Thankful Thursday

You prepare a table before me
   in the presence of my enemies.
You anoint my head with oil;
   my cup overflows.   
Psalm 23:5
I am so blessed this week. My house is becoming cleaner by the day and everything is starting to have a place, the kids have been pretty good about tackling one thing a day for me in addition to the work I put into the house while they are gone at school. I have Spring Break next week, which I am looking forward to. We are at the last nine weeks of this school year so I am excited that summer break is approaching. I sure miss the kids so much all year long. I love having them home. Most importantly quilt business wise my cup is overflowing. I have currently five quilt orders that I am officially working on, I have two orders that are coming and one that was placed this morning. I am super excited. I love that I can truly be working from home. My husband was getting on me about not subbing but I think the Lord knew my heart. He knew I wanted to be able to stay home. I wanted to get our home in order, work on some quilts and be here when they got out of school to enjoy dinnertime and get homework done. Sometimes when I sub, it makes things very difficult because it is outside the home during the day.
I am excited to think that more orders await. I pray that the Lord continue to bless my quilting business. People often tell me I don't charge enough, I am constantly doing favors, cutting prices etc. Yet the orders continue to balance out, so I feel He blesses us for me being able to see it’s not always about the price tag it’s about blessing others too. 
Oh and Purex sent me an entire bottle of liquid washing soap to try out. I just love it. Can't wait to write my review and let you all know what I think of their new product.
Lastly, I am thankful for the weather, we have our garden tilled and just picked up some tomato plants to get in this weekend. I love that it is warmer and the house is warmer too. It is so nice to have some sunshine filled days. 
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  1. I got my coupons today! Thanks so much!

    I love your blog, did I already say that?

    HOw many t-shirts will I need for a quilt for an old queen bed? Has to be a little longer on sides than a standard queen. HIs birthday isn't until November, but I think I may have to locate some shirts.


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